Sunday, September 24, 2006

izzy buns

Israel has become my buddy the past few days. I know know the names of dinosaurs, love to watch the train movie, and have such a joy when i shake the vitamin jar he comes running saying "vi a men". We go grocery shopping together (the bagel keeps him occupied for at least 45 min). We do everything together. He is the best. Well I can't help but blog about yesterday. I was in his room organizing his books & he ran to the potty. "Pee mom". So I let him go and all of a sudden he is running down the hall with a roll of toilet paper - help! Help! These moments are so precious as a mom and so hard not to roll over laughing.


christina said...

i love the buns and miss him and you so much. I am counting down the days till i return!

Anonymous said...

The bunners is so stinkin cute! Boys are precious to their mommies. How blessed are we! ~The sis

Katie said...

Katchen! I was so glad to see your comment, and I'm excited to read up on all the Weaver happenings. :)