Friday, October 13, 2006

best ever

Last night I was talking to Christina about 11:30pm. Israel started to cry & I thought did he wet the bed or something? He was rolling back in forth "hurt... hurt" "legs hurt". So I unzipped his leg pj's to try & see if his diaper was wet and out of the first leg came a red toy car. Then leg number two came a blue corvet. This was his first night wearing feet pj's and I think he thought having a zipper with an endless pocket was fun. This was one of the best moments. Israel didn't think it was so funny so I was hugging him for a while. About 20 minutes later I hear this little "I got joy joy joy... heart. joy down heart..." then a giggle & Israel and I were giggling at midnght. We really did get the joy. It was almost supernatural. I think God was laughing as much as us. I loved it.

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christina said...

so much fun in the Weaver house, how shall i ever part.