Thursday, October 05, 2006

this is for reals...

Now you might think i'm joking when I tell you about my last 24 hours - but I'm not. After days of cleaning up barf & washing poison ivy towels & sheets, my husband decided to join in the fun of barfville. He started at 8am & barfed every 15 minutes until 8 when our favorite emergency on call doctor Katerina was to the rescue and a strong prescription later he stopped. Well finally we were all sitting on the couch around 8:30. Relaxed at last or so we thought...this would go great in a chevy chase movie -
Israel came to show me his car then crash - he hit the table and a welt started to show up on his face, then it came - MORE BARF! Israel barfed all over my lap (because I was hugging him) and I got up to run to the bathroom and dumped all the barf on Magnum (who was sitting by my feet). Magnum then proceded to shake off barf while running with us to the bath trailing barf all over the stairs, hall, rug etc. Israel got so upset at Magnum chasing us that he barfed again all over the freshly painted bathroom wall. (it is officially broken in) Terrible!!!
So this morning I was so tired and determined to do laundry and get the house back to normal. A phone call later and I was down the street loading up curbside kitchen chairs in my honda civic. (only in missouri can you do this) Two loads later and we have new kitchen chairs, wooden, very nice that I immediately started recovering the seats with material i had on hand. This is how my brain works - "instant gratifiKATCHEN". Instead of cleaning up all the mess, dishes, laundry I just added to the pile with supplies, scraps of material, and a totally crazy environment. I now have three chairs done and have opted to blog durring naptime rather than do cleanup duty. Praying I don't get the barfs!

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Anonymous said...

You are such a great blogger. I miss my Katchen! I will call you tommorow. We need to talk! :)