Wednesday, November 01, 2006

dino fun

well after much debate in our house over trick or treat Israel ended up at front doors. we had a happy dinosaur, sweet neighbors, two boxes of dots and two lolly-pops. (when you can't have chocolate dots are the next best). Israel loved his costume. He ran and ran outside (possible because he ate two lolly-pops). We played tag outside in the dark. My only complaint was a scarry trick-or-treater in a mask that israel started screaming at when they came to our door. I was like "I knew there was a reason i don't love Holloween". I lighted candles in flower vases (a florist who works all day on Holloween doesn't have time to carve pumpkins). It was a fun cute night. Israel says thanks to his grandpa & grandma for the cute costume. He woke up and said "costume OOOONNNNNN. candy. candy."

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Anonymous said...

As shy as Izzy is, I can't believe he felt comfortable with the full triceratops crown on his head for Halloween. He's the best!~The auntie