Monday, December 04, 2006


thought this was an interesting article.,2933,233983,00.html
It seems as though the church better wake up. Kurto is reading a book called Antichrist - Islam's awaited messiah. I heard somewhere that within 10 years the muslim community will outgrow the Christian community by volume. This is interesting as we see a change in our nation and our communities. A huge vacant parking lot and strip mall in my city just got bought out for the purposes of building a muslim school. It is so strange how the enemy is a copy-cat. God is raising up an army and so is the enemy. Just as the church is growing in Biblical truth, and training our spirits to fight and to prepare our hearts for suffering so too is the enemy. The enemy is building up schools, training camps, and using prayer and religion to do so. People are being trained in darkness, death and preparing their hearts for suffering & martyrdom. It seems so unreal yet it is unfolding before our very eyes. This article is not about any of that. It is simply about a muslim congressmann desiring to be sworn in on his "bible". It struck my heart though that it is a step foward for the muslim faith and a step back for our nation perhaps as the Bible is pushed aside and the Koran is lifted up. It is a glimpse of things to come that for today seems like no big deal but ten years from now it will be something far worse.

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what a time we live in!!!