Thursday, December 28, 2006

top 10

This isn't your usual top ten list... this is true life. Kurto & I ordered dinner last night (a single meal to split and this is what Kurt came home with. ) I thought I might share a few things that God has done just like this in our marriage.


#10. On the Border explosion (see above pic) This stuff happens all the time. We were out of groceries this day so I ordered a meal to split. Then came On the Border for the week.

#9. Oh Christmas Tree. I always loved getting a tree on my birthday. This year we couldn't afford one. I hung up lights and a few ornaments on a beam across our living room. Then someone knocked on my door and said "I don't know why but I just found this Christmas tree outside a store and it was free and I thought of you..."

# 8. Free tuition. We felt like Kurto was supposed to do Intro to IHOP. We signed up and then prayed for the fundage. The night before someone called to say "I think I'm supposed to pay for kurt. Have you guys paid tuition yet?" We got that same phone call from someone else and FMA was also sponsered 1st semester.

#7. Family Birthday. Being so far from home can be tough especially with a close wonderful family in California dying to see Israel. Each year I have prayed for a wedding on or near his birthday so that I could have work and an excuse to go home. My family has always seen Izzy blow out his candles & it has always been a paid for trip home. Anyone getting married in Aug 07 in Cali?

#6. Suitcase cash? One time Kurto & I were short 100 bucks for our rent. I was driving home from work and prayed "Lord please help us." Just then (i'm not joking) a suitcase flew out of the car in front of me. I pulled off the road and grabbed it. I called the lady. She was so happy that she gave me $100 dollers.

#5. Free paint job. The first month that we moved to Kansas City we had a thanksgiving exchange. (you could give anything you wanted). Kurto & I gave pillow cases (trust me they were cool) Kurto's secret turkey was Don. Don is a professional painter. He painted our new house for free.

#4. Groceries groceries and more groceries. One day Kurto & I were very low on groceries. We were trying to make it stretch. Funny the things you want when your cuboard is empty. I wanted a jar of already minced garlic but this was a luxury item. Kurt came home around 1 in the morning with 2 huge trash bags of groceries from someone who was moving. He just happened to see him at the 10 to 12 set. The first thing I pulled out was a jar of minced garlic. I knew God was laughing.

#3. Magnum. (otherwise known as Maggie Moonie) Kurt has always wanted a black lab. I was on my way down the street and saw a garage sale. I stopped and there was one black lab puppy. He had a white spot on his chest (he matches cowboy our cat). He was very expensive $5. Sold!

#2. Chairs. We have had an assortment of chairs in our home in KC. The first three were burned in our fireplace after falling apart. The second four were thrown back to the curb (pink & terrible). The third four were ok. From KC Freecycle. Black wicker but they marked up the walls with their black spray paint. The fourth set was perfect. From the side of the road they match our table perfect. They look like a set. We say thank you God for bulky item trash day. God even cares about my kitchen table.

#1. Business Car. This is the most recent and most exciting. I decided to start up my business again in MO. The next day someone called me and said "we would like to support your business in any way we can- and by the way "do you need a station wagon to cart around your flowers?"

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Jocelynalice said...

hey this is a really good list. makes me think and wonder what would be on mine for the year.

well, i miss you katch- check out my blog.

tell the fam i love them!