Saturday, December 30, 2006

peanut butter stresser

I like to call the new color of my hallway "peanut butter". Kurt hasn't seen it yet. Just another surprise as he walks up the hall. We shall see if he notices. It's not that I'm sneaky, or even productive. Just plain old stressed. Whenever I get stressed a room seems to suddenly appear red or blue or brown. The inside of my entertainment center is red. The back of my bathroom door is pale blue. My front door is currently black. When I was a child I painted the squares on the back of my closet doors. One night I remember my mom walking in and my room was half painted blue (the only color i could find in the garage). I remember painting flowers and a cross on the back of my bedroom door in high school. It lasted about a month until my mom was vacuuming my room and found it. Yes perhaps this is generational. My grandmother told me she once tried to spray paint the inside roof of her car. Change is good. Paint is fun. It is a great way for me to relax. If Kurt is home this is not relaxing. We are very different in the paint department. I use no tape, no drop cloth and usually wipe my finger on my clothes to pick up any spills. This might stress Kurto out. So I have to paint alone. Israel took a two hour nap today. If he had slept any longer I might have gotten down the hall. For now it is just the wall back hall. I like it. At least I don't go spend money each time the stress button gets pushed, or go binge and eat like 10 dozen cookies. I must admit that a certain friend (whose last name is Lewellen) did take me to get a Starbucks this morning. There is nothing more calming than three quiet babies and a whole car ride to talk. Well almost nothing... there are more paint colors in my basement.

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Marci Lewellen said...

the babies were quiet?! I don't remember that part but I did like the coffee... :)