Friday, February 02, 2007

sleep study continues

Well my little sleep experiment was put on hold. I still got 6 hrs of sleep - sort of. I went to bed at midnight woke up at 12:30 with a knock on the door. Put Sophia Jubilee to bed in the pack in play. Got a phone call at 2:30. Esther Lily was born after only 3 hours of labor total!!! Julia is a trooper after not even having time for an epidural. A REAL woman hero! Sophia decided to join in the celebration. It seems she was too excited to sleep. 3am. 4:30am. Finally her cute little voice took my heart away at 5:45. "Gook (kurt). Noah (what she calls Izzy). Mamoo. Mamoo. (me). Her cuteness got me rolling out of bed and off to eat breakfast. First, second and third that is. Sophia eats at least two or three breakfast a day! =-) So now the day has began. I don't know if I'm not tired due to the six hour theory or the fact that a beautiful new life has begun today! Congratulations mommy & papa Weissmann!

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