Thursday, February 01, 2007

Too much sleep?

So today I was eating lunch with Kurto & a friend. This friend told me that the reason I'm too tired to get up at o'dark hundred is because I am trying to get 8 hrs of sleep. If I got 9 I'de be ok or if I got 6 I'de be ok. He said your body goes in sleep cycles of 3 hr time blocks so if I wake up after 8 hrs my body is in it's deepest point of cycle #3 and that is what makes for a tired mom. You see I used to think that I was so disciplined. I am now realizing that I was just waking up due to Israel's alarm. Now that he sleeps in an hour more so do I. I want to desperately wake up and have some coffee and make my soul as quiet as the rest of my household is. So I'm going to give it a shot. Here's to less sleep & hopefully some diligent morning hours.

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