Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ahhhhh... SPRING!

Pansies in the front

Bright Yellow Bushes

Our lilac tree is starting to bloom

Spring has come upon us and it is wonderful. Kurt & I have a bet on when the dogwood tree in our front yard will bloom. I have already lost but we shall see when the tree flowers. Perhaps tomorrow. Every year it is the most magnificent sight. It flowers white small flowers with red tips. It always blooms around Easter and is said to represent God's sacrifice as it is pure white with the (blood) red tips on the edges. The tree then sheds and it is a day of flowers falling all over the yard. It is so beautiful. It is 78 degrees today. So lovely. I thought I would show some pictures of the evidence of spring in my yard. (just disregard the half brown grass in the front. It was a very cold winter). I am so excited for all the flowers. Every day Izzy and I check our sweet peas that we planted. So far just dirt. Well here are some of the prettiest parts of Kansas City springtime.

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Ricci said...

Hey Katchen and Fam.~ I keep peek-a-boo-ing at your blog through Shea's. So fun to get to hear and see about people I have lost track of. We actually go to church with your parents now, small world! We really enjoy the church and I started singing with the band(totally out of my comfort zone). Anyways, so cool that we can communitcate so easily, eh?! Happy Easter, He is Risen!!