Sunday, March 25, 2007


Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Monday is cleaning day so on Sunday there are no messes to clean up (yet). I love Kurto's tradition of Sunday morning breakfast. Hash browns, eggs and coffee. Israel is learning to love the Weaver secret recipe for the hash browns. (Thanks grandpa weaver). Kurt is really the cook & I am a great chopper. This is my job - to chop the onions and potatoes. Then we all sit down and eat a meal before church. It makes church feel less rushed. It makes me feel less cranky to enjoy family time in leisure and then go worship. It is wonderful. Today we enjoyed our breakfast with Ian Christianson from London. Israel calls him England. Church was so wonderful today. It moved my heart to tears. It was on the humility & meekness of the Holy Spirit. The meekness of the Holy Spirit to only speak what he hears from the Father & the Son and to do so for all of eternity. He is equally part God and yet he serves as the helper. This whole thing blew my mind. It gave me insight into the heart of God and his call for us to live in meekness (Matt 5). If you want to look more go to & click on teaching notes for FCF. The sermon is from March 25th. It is definately worth a read.

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