Monday, March 19, 2007

just give me the *!^#*^!* coffee!

It is day 9 on the no caffeine and I am in some serious need of the coffee. The worst is the am when Kurto's coffee is brewing and all it is all I can do to just smile and nod. I think I'm almost past the negative effects of the withdrawals. Face it people I worked at Starbucks for 4 years, Kurto for another 4 and together we brewed one to two pots a day and had an average of way too many lattes to admit in writing. Yes I am officially a drug addict no more! We shall see how long this lasts... "Hi my name is Katchen & I am a starbucksaholic. I'd like a grande vanilla percent - wait no - a DECAF grande vanilla percent latte. Extra hot."


The Benners said...

Not sure how you're doing that! LOL! But, I commend you! Currently my only vice is diet pepsi. Love the stuff!! I drink a TON of it! But, I used to smoke, and I quit that, so I am NOT giving up my diet pepsi... unless, of course I become pregnant again. LOL! But, that's a given! :)

Jocelynalice said...

NO WAY!!!! wow, Katchen I didn't know you were!!! nice job.

you know, there are quite a few starbucks here in berlin. i've been there twice and then realized...."hey, I really don't like starbucks." Sad story, but true. i decided not to go there if i don't have to. but i have to say, there is some wicked good coffee here. but only some. :)

I love you! and...i pray that you'd be very very blessed in your coffee break!