Monday, March 19, 2007

The Weaver Hotel

Hello everyone. Thought I'd send a formal invitation to let everyone know that although we are booked through middle of April we are open to housing any and all friends, family, extended family, ihopers, ihop visitors, internationals, and anyone moving across country who needs more than a couch. (English speaking is preferable although we did have a lovely visit with Minj Jong from South Korea.) This is our space. This wonderful garage/basement transformation has been a blessing to us as it allows us to not only raise support but also to meet people from around the world. So far we have had four different countries represented and tomorrow a pastor from England comes. We truly are grateful to use our home. So that being said... if anyone particularly from Southern California wants to come out to see a certain Israel Michael I suggest you put in your booking pretty soon. We get full pretty quick around here.

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Jocelynalice said...

can I come??? I'll represent Germany. cause.....uh... i can say "Israel ist die suessest kleine Jungst ich habe gesehen. und ich will mein Zimmer zuruck bitte. und! nicht vergessen!! meine Katse!" that means...Israel is the cutest little by i've seen! and I want my room back please. and don't forget! my kitty! :)

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! the house looks beautiful!