Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day 10

Well in a short explanation I will try to explain. Something has struck my heart with this fast. The fast seemed so blurry, so long, so vague until I had this major revelation while driving a few days ago. Forty days for forty years = one day per year = an actual year to pray and repent for in our nation. This personalized and changed everything. I do not need to look ahead at how long, I need to see the shortness of only one day to represent courses of action that took place over an entire year. I have been doing some research and will post one thing each day that I am focusing on for prayer/repentance/God to break through in our nation.

Day 10 = 1976
This was a turning point year in our nation morally. This is what I found happened.

Karen Ann Quinlan was the Terri Schiavo of the 1970s.

The photo of Quinlan that circulated around the country in newspapers and on TV news shows helped galvanize both sides of the debate, which came down to this: Did Quinlan's parents have the right to disconnect their daughter's respirator? Doctors wanted to keep life support going even though nearly everyone agreed that Quinlan had lapsed into a vegetative state and was never going to recover.

Her parents' lawsuit was heard by the New Jersey Supreme Court, which ruled unanimously in 1976 that the hospital had to obey the Quinlans' wishes.

This was a chance for our nation to stand up for life. The doctors desired to maintain life. The courts ruled with death. Almost forty years later and the courts ruled again with death. This was a turning point in our nation in the spiritual aspect of an evil that is so deep. It is the spirit of murder that we need as a nation to repent of.

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