Monday, June 04, 2007

Day 8

Today is the end of week one for the fast. We are honored to take part in it as a fam although I must say that I need a change in salad dressing pronto. =-) We spent the weekend with the Weissmanns helping them move in (and moving in temporarily) with them. I think Israel liked going to bed at 10:30 after playing with Sophia all day. Our floors are finally dry and finished and we shall move back upstairs to reclaim our house this afternoon. We are trying to re-establish our disciplines with time so the schedule began this morning. It is actually freedom so I am relieved and tired already (I am going back to 6am schedule). I will post more on the amazing church last night as soon as I can process it some more and put it to words. I am so blessed to live here!

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