Monday, August 06, 2007


"Consider the Lilies in the field, they do not toil nor spin yet even Solomon in all his glory did not cloth himself like one of these...
therefor do not worry about what you should wear, or what you should eat for the pagans chase after these things, your heavenly Father knows what you need. But
SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM & HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED TO YOU. Therefor do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble on its own."
Matthew chapter 6

Been thinking about a lot of things lately. You see August is a great month for me. August 8th to be exact. This date has many significant meanings to me. On August 8th 2003 I underlined passages from Matt 6 in my Bible. It marked the promise for my business (Lilies in the Field) and bigger than that the verse of my posture with all finances. God is provider. August 8th 2004 Israel was born. August 8th 2005 Magnum was born (I know this is not spiritually significant but it is funny that my dog and son share the same birthday). Eight is the number for new beginnings. Eight was my number throughout all my sports career and therefore my favorite number. So as this week has progressed I am looking forward to what God will do this year August 8th 2007. I have poured over this passage this week. Living off support will bring one to these scriptural promises perhaps a bit quicker than one having a paycheck.

At any rate I was struck by one particular verse... "for the pagans run after these things & your heavenly Father knows that you need them". Hmmm... interesting that we need the things that pagans run after. The trick is that we are not to run after them. They are the same things. We all need shelter, food etc. The Father knows each of our needs and yet desires that we run after Him and not the needs. He enjoys being our provider. I like receiving from Him. It is hard to trust Him sometimes. It is not that He does not provide it is that my timing is different. He desires to produce faith above circumstances. I desire faith but not always its course. That is why I must dwell and live in this passage.

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