Friday, August 03, 2007

One Room, Multiple Personalities

Did you know that one room could have multiple personalities? I didn't either until I moved into this house. It used to be Izzy's old room. Then it was Izzy's room slash dad's office. Back to Izzy's room. Next dad's office. Then mom's office. Makeshift guestroom, and finally renter friendly ready to rent to an Intro lady. Nice huh? The joke at the weaver house is that sometimes when people come in they ask what room am I in now? or "hey where did your couch go?" We have been through four sets of dining room chairs since moving here. #1 curbside (later burned on a very cold Missouri day) #2 gift of well I just won't say but these were pink vinyl parlor chairs folks. (sent them curbside). #3 freecycle (left cheap spray paint on the walls). #4 Wonderful oak dining chairs found for free on bulky item pick up day. (recovered the plaid and walla!) So you can see the theme. We are now in process of renting out our upstairs bedroom so that I can take Intro to IHOP & we can still buy groceries. =-) More updates later. This week has been full of projects before fall hits us full swing. Painted Izzy's room, recovered an old church pew (thanks Wendy for the gift) and spray painted a piece of furniture that Izzy decided to graffiti before I did. It is now black. Overall a very productive week. Hopefully our projects are coming to an end as our hearts and minds get cranking this fall. (I'm guessing not as it is in my nature to start new projects but it is fun to dream that all is done and cozy at home.)

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