Friday, September 14, 2007


My cabinets are on my front lawn. My dinner from last night is still on the sink. My laundry is piled up & I am drinking decaf. Life is good. Why? Because my house is messy but my heart is clean. I have been in the prayer room and it feels good to let things go around here. God definitely likes order but for now he likes my chaos. I usually run around and do things backwards thinking if I just...(fill in the blank) then I'll be able to sit and really encounter God & be focused. That is the beauty of it. I am meeting God in the mess. The amazing freedom of having a schedule that includes prayer is that when it is time to pray it is time to pray. It is an event on the day's calendar and a meeting time with the King of Glory. I am learning to not miss these meetings. I am learning that my dishes don't care and my laundry doesn't complain but my spirit is coming alive. (& from that my family is giving me grace when things aren't all as they should be in the house front).

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