Friday, September 07, 2007

Another week gone by

Well it is almost Sunday again. I can't believe a week is going by so fast. I have company in town and it has been a good reminder of how much I love Kansas City as I have been tour guide. The weather is changing and it is nice September days here now. The thunder storms are awesome. Izzy jumped in our bed last night and Magnum tried to sneak in on our new roommates bed. She was sympathetic to his fear of the thunder as well. =-) There has been so much going on. Intro is going faster than I thought and it is so wonderful. Harp & bowl class has been amazing. It has been fun to prayer lead and learn more of the model that sustains night and day prayer here in KC. I have really enjoyed meditating on the apostolic prayers and interpreting them through prayer and singing and specific now prayer request. What a journey this week has been. My highlight was going into Israel's harp & bowl class and hearing 6 & 7 year olds cry out for wisdom & revelation for their city, schools, an family. Israel prayed for me & Kurto when it was his turn to pray on the mic. It was definitely what blessed me the most this week.

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