Sunday, September 02, 2007


Well it is Sunday & I am wiped out from the week. Israel & I started Intro to IHOP this week and we are both tired. I guess we both cope different ways with the schedules. Izzy has been playing with his toy trains for about 3 hours straight while I (instead of doing laundry, dishes, or anything routine & productive) decided to take off my kitchen cabinets and paint the frames black and clean out my kitchen cupboards. Nice! I don't know why I make a mess but my 9th grade Spanish teacher told me that you have to make a mess to get organized. Truth be told! I made a mess over my dishes and then cleaned up. I like to start projects and then clean around me to see results. Who has energy to start a project once they have already cleaned the whole kitchen? Better to start then you have to clean up. That is how things get done around here. This is a smidgen of my past week...
- went to intro classes 9-5
- went deep into the book of Ruth.
- discovered Jesus as my kinsman Redeemer
- didn't do one load of laundry
- made some awesome Kansas City BBQ
- went to a mom's dinner with 80 other awesome moms from church
- ordered 8 dozen green roses from Ecuador
- got a new renter in the house!
- sold an ebay item!
- had 20 people over for dinner today. Great way to end the week.

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Christina said...

i love the kitchen!!