Sunday, September 30, 2007

Long weekend

Seems to always be the case. Kurto goes out of town. Our dogs poops on the carpet. Israel gets pink eye and now I can't go to church. Good thing I'm leaving town WITH Kurto next month!


Danielle said...


You are a good faithful blogger. I can't wait to be your roomie.

angelina joy said...

Wow, Katch! Those factors do make for one long weekend. What does Kurt do that sends him out so often?


kurto goes out to different churches in the nation. He is in charge of taking a team of musicians from IHOP and goes with a speaker. They run & teach harp & bowl (prayer & worship combined at the same time) and teachings and do worship for the church, & do prayer rooms with personal prayer and music for people in the church. They basically minister to different churches teaching about 24/7 prayer, message of the Father's heart, and stuff like that. =-)