Friday, October 19, 2007

another top 8

Eight things that made me happy today (in no particular order)
1. I just detail cleaned Israel's room, gave him a bath and put on the Christmas lights in his room. This momentary order and clean smelling boy more than make up for a very very long day.
2. Dale Anderson. His sermon this morning on the book of Esther was one of the finest I've ever heard. I had to leave class a half hour early from crying my eyes out. (this was Holy Spirit stuff as I noticed Dale did not purposely make any one else cry) =-)
3. Sammy Sam. I love this kid. Two days in a row I got to watch Sam. I am thankful today that normally Sam usually takes naps at my house. A day without naps makes me thankful for all those other days.
4. The Henry Family. Israel was so grateful for 8 quarters. Thanks Sean for making my son happy.
5. The innocence and thankfulness of children. I want to be ecstatic about a gift of eight quarters.
6. Kurto Michael Weaver. Enough said. I love this man.
7. my yummy salad with pecans. i love that costco greens come pre-washed.
8. I am happy today that it is almost bedtime and I am at home tonight. It's been a crazy week.

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Jocelynalice said...

Thanks for blogging! I miss you. I am glad to hear a little from the life of Katchey. I have to say I think about you a lot. But, just wanted to say that your blog is encouraging.... and I love you! and Israel and the kurto and the cowboy too! hey, what ever happened to Magnum???