Monday, November 05, 2007

Love / Hate

I have a love hate relationship with the time change. Time change is a funny thing. One of my most annoying recollections of childhood is time change. (sorry mom but you know it's true) Whenever I'd ask the time my mother would say "well it's only 8pm but you should really go to bed because it's REALLY 9pm." This would go on for about 2 or three weeks. It's ___ o'clock but it's REALLY ____. Does anyone else do this? This time change I was thankful to Kurto. I had to usher at church early service and he changed all the clocks and set my alarm. I would have completely forgot. Thanks babe.
- being married (for the above stated reason)
- cozy fall
- snow is coming
- I am at home typing because I have an extra hour before class
- I don't have to explain why I go to bed at 7ish. It's been dark for hours
- easier to put Izzy down
- the day seems so short
- it is dark & cold at 5pm while I am calling beautiful sunny CA where it's 3pm
- Izzy now wakes up at 5:30ish instead of 6:30ish.
- I can't walk home from the 4-6 set anymore

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Jocelynalice said...

hey, that tree looks great. here in cold land the leaves are almost fully gone...but it's also been very beautiful. i think fall has my favorite, I'm glad you still have magnum... i love you!