Friday, November 16, 2007


It has been a dry season here in blogging land. Intro has been crazy and it seems like my mind cannot choose where to begin to write in terms of updates, family stuff, and stuff I'm still trying to process myself like the millennial kingdom, or the mysteries of prayer. All I know today is that I have one little kid with lots of little dots. Be at peace though. No chicken pox. Just strange dots everywhere that the doctor didn't know what to call. So for now we are stuck in the house in quarantine from other kids that don't have dots. I find I secretly like these at home days as they are rare in the last few months. I have painted another wall. (yesterday was a bit stressful so yes again out comes the paint until the wee hours of the night). This afternoon as Izzy was starting his nap I took out a delicious orange from the fridge. I sat at my kitchen table and carefully cut it apart sitting purposefully in the sun streaming in. When i was in second grade I read a story about a boy in the Arctic who one day got a crate of oranges delivered to his village. This only happened like once a year. So the boy carefully peeled his orange taking his time and sat in the sun. He ate it piece by piece and even saved some slices in his pocket. He cherished that orange. Today I felt a bit like that boy. Craziness around me. Surrounded by bills, toy trains, dust, and dishes and I sat and took my time dissecting and enjoying that orange. If my painting pants had pockets I just might have saved some too.

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