Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Snow, barfing & Christmas lights

Now i know it might seem a bit of a strange title but this is a catch up post so I am writing in accordance with my past 48 hours and anticipation of the next 12. It is supposed to snow today & we are all so excited. It is the first snow and being the day before Thanksgiving it is very timely considering the coziness factor & all. A brief synopsis of the last 48 hours includes one very sick boy, breathing treatments, ear infections, sleepless nights and one mama covered in barf (not mine) at the doctors office. We are doing much better and today we are going to make pumpkin pie & hang up Christmas lights. We did have a chance to sit down to a lovely pot of soup last night with our dear friend Dave in the midst of all the Weaver drama. It was encouraging to my heart to hear about the Weissmanns past few months as we have been way to busy. Weissmanns are family around here & when you have known Dave for over ten years the conversation with Kurto & Dave at the dinner table can be extremely funny, kind & spiritual all at the same moment. Now all considering I have not posted in some time and I have been wrestling over many many things in my heart. I have primarily used this blog to play catch up with family, pictures of Izzy etc. Sometimes I write what is really going on in this brain of mine but mostly I have been reserved. I have felt convicted of this as of late and will begin to post some things that I feel are relevant to my heart in terms of prayer, scriptures, and the moving of the Holy Spirit in our lives here. After all we are here in Kansas City for a purpose. We do spend most of our time here working with the house of prayer & our future vision incorporates all these things. I have not purposely left these things out but have found myself writing about my circumstances and not my vision, or encounters in the context of prayer. I am determined to do both. I desire for my family life to be on the front lines but I also desire for the work of the Lord to be glorified and for my writings on this little blog to also show how our hearts are moving in the reality of night and day prayer. This is part rambling for now but more to come...

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