Wednesday, January 23, 2008

afternoon coffee break

Well still no batteries and hence no camera. Apologies to all the grandparents and aunties checking in. Sophia Jubilee has gone home to her happy parents. She cried when leaving which always makes my heart feel good. Today Sammy is here and the kids are napping upstairs. Time for a quick update. Recent things on my list...
- valentines day surprises
- taxes sent in
- prego prayer tonight at IHOP
- Kurto's going to the eye Doctor
- snow is never melting when the temp doesn't get above 20
- trying to decide what to make for dinner
- making a second cup of coffee to enjoy nap time
- bought Izzy new bubble bath that has revolutionized bath time
- trying to save movies for only after bath time (hard to do on snow days trust me)
- starting to read through old Testament
- just got hooked on Martha Stewart website. Trying to figure out why she would explain how to make a chicken hutch when her photographs show 4 workers and a cement truck along with 5000 pounds of "just washed" gravel. Just another "good thing" for those that can hire a work crew and a few inexpensive tools and also have chickens flown in from Iowa. I think I'll pick up some eggs at Costco thank you very much.


Shealynn Benner said...

Lots of things on your list! :) Great things! Or should I say, "Good Things". LOL!! I love Martha! I only dream of being 1/2 as crafty as she is!!

Katie said...

Hi Katch! Loved your "two kids is way different than one kid" post below. ;)

Can you e-mail me with your e-mail address (or comment on my blog with it) so I can add you to my list? my first and last name at cox dot net.

JudahLion said...

Well today it is like fifty