Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Miss Sophia Jubilee

Well it has been a long time and posting and that has to do with two words: Miss Sophia. Sophia has come to visit for a long weekend and it is very busy with two kids running around. I managed to blow up the bounce house inside and therefore was the coolest mommy on E113th St. Two kids are much different than one. Nice but different. I realized how much God created each child different, each parent different, and each household different. Sophia is so different than Izzy. She is loud, social, silly, fun, and continuously says "I love you Katchen" any time she does something naughty. My number one phrase of this weekend has been "Sophia don't lick that..." It has made me appreciate Israel's quiet and reflectiveness, and his gentle spirit. It has also made me look forward to future children who are full of spunk and life. I have liked the joy and squeals this weekend. (right now Sophia is on my shoulders on top of the couch. Her exact words: "Jesus name Amen. (praying for our cat)"
* a sad side note my camera is out of batteries and while Kurt managed to take our car in to Wallmart yesterday for a car battery AA batteries were not on the list.

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