Monday, January 14, 2008

IHOP babies & prego ladies

Well my husband came home last night at 1am from Cinci. He was very tired. Monday morning is my morning to go and pray for the prego women of IHOP and yes there are many! Well an email at one in the morning is not the best way of learning a new school schedule. That is what happens when one is out of town for four days the weekend before school starts. I was so bumbed to learn that Kurt's new class schedule was switched last minute to Monday mornings. Being three, Israel is not the perfect candidate to go with me for prayer on Monday mornings and be perfectly still, silent, and uninterupting. So I called my leader this morning and she was thrilled. Why? Because just yesterday she had asked one of my friends to start a night time prayer time for the prego ladies and really needed someone to start working the evenings for this time. It starts next week. This is a total provision to me of how:
1. God knows my heart & has put desires in me that he wants to fulfill
2. Kurts classes are not a mistake or last minute switch they are orchestrated by
God in his timing for his purposes
3. God heard my cry of longing to serve him outside my home
4. More prayer for pregos round the clock. More love for the babies
5. Kurto can have a happy wife today when he gets home from class


Ricci said...

Yeah God! I'm bummed we missed each other too, but I totally get the crazy factor! "Great minds think alike" is all I can say about your blog! I love it!

Christina said...

That's great! Wish i was pregnant so i could come get prayer from you

Jocelynalice said...

Your hair, by the way is adorable!!!! I absolutely love it and I am incredible proud of you.. I SEE CURLS!!! yeah!

I'm glad you're praying for babies. I heard about Nina's new little bun. Babies everywhere for sure.

Hey, sam and I are coming to Kansas City!!!! April 4 - April 11!!!! I get to finally hug you!