Friday, January 11, 2008

late night ramblings

What else is there to do at midnight on a Friday night when hubby is away in Ohio & Izzybuns is fast asleep? I must ramble about my strange thoughts and day. Izzy & I had fun. Got two new tires put on the car. I really didn't like the "free" massages I kept getting on our way to wherever from my car shaking going anything above 10 miles an hr and especially rocky at 5mph. This was perfect as the constant speed limit for Missouri drivers is literally 35mph anywhere in town here. We had a visit from the Lewellen crew for a few hours (long enough for Marci & I to move some furniture around, make 5 peanut butter & honey sandwitches and clean up loads of cars and dinosaurs from all over the house). I also learned the way to Arwen's heart is through pedicures. My kind of girl. Iz & I went to Starbucks (Jan is always the best time with xmas gift cards) where we attempted to play the memory game. It was fun for the 10 minutes it lasted. Israel & I were then off to Dani's Shabot Birthday party. It was wonderful to welcome in the sabbath with friends and loved ones and really enjoy the traditions of Sabbath. Dinner was great and it was fun to reflect with friends. I missed my husband and it was time to go after tears were ushered in from Izzy's cerial spilling. Sometimes tears scream Bedtime! I was super tired too from my midnight project last night. Being short on paint around here what else was I to do while Kurto was out of town but to re grout my bathroom floor. Fortunately for me I had the right tools to scrape out some of the broken old grout that was dirty, uneven, and whiteish gray/brown and black. All lovely colors that shout "clean!" Kurto and I have wanted to re-tile this bathroom ever since we first bought the house. This bathroom has been through some lovely changes. Ever since our first house guest turned the shower on and the water came like a geyser out of the wall, (the movie money pit is no match for our hall bathroom) we have been doing projects in here. I took it upon myself to deuglify the floor for free. We had some white grout and coincidentally a grout scraper outer, so away I went. My only complaint was Izzy at about 8 closing his door because I was too loud. Today after three band aids and a sore index finger from scraping I am very pleased with the clean and beautiful results. My Izzy is crying. Night.

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Ricci said...

Love the new look ;) I LOVE projects like that, totally gross but with great results! Good for you!