Friday, February 22, 2008

Another weekend

this is one of my old favorite pictures.

It is Friday already. Week goes by fast when Kurto is gone Fri-Sun. Today he had to leave at noon which was much nicer than 5am. Izzy & I dropped him off at FMA & away to Arkansas he went. Kurt's mystery weekends away are in reality ministry trips. He takes a team of students from FMA & they travel with different leaders or teachers and go to churches and teach harp & bowl style of worship. Basically they teach how to incorporate prayer into worship, how to sustain prayer within the church, and they usually have teachings, and pray over the congregation as individually. These trips have been instrumental for Kurto. He has really learned how IHOP does what it does. He is not just doing it (the prayer room), or reading about it (the classroom), he is explaining it and teaching it. This has made his heart grow so much. He really is walking out his calling for night and day prayer in this context as he and his fellow classmates teach others who have the same vision for prayer. Sometimes the whole church shows up. Sometimes thirteen people show up. God loves either one. I love that Kurto comes home refreshed in his spirit (although tired in his body).


Ricci said...

sweet pic! You and Kurt have a sensative spirit to the Lord's calling, and you listen to it. That makes my heart glad!

Shealynn Benner said...

I seriously love this picture!! I keep looking at Isreal's little toes. haha. All curled up. ;)