Sunday, February 24, 2008

After Church

Sunday afternoon and Cowboy & I are cuddling. Someone who is short, blond & crabby is napping (finally). Church was so good today. I was praying through things in my mind this morning during worship about motherhood (& all its glory =-). John the Baptist was the message today. The forerunner spirit that comes from Isaiah 40. John knew his identity. He knew the bridegroom. He was called the greatest man that ever was born of a woman. He and the Holy Spirit found communion in the wilderness. He just didn't go through a wilderness season, he chose a wilderness lifestyle. Out of it came two short years of ministry and a small (comparatively to some ministries today) ministry following - yet look how Jesus spoke about him. Flash backwards to my thoughts on motherhood & mix it with this message and you get why I was crying at church. I want to be known by the bridegroom. To hear his voice. The arc didn't make sense until the rain came. The crazy prophet from the wilderness didn't make sense to the synagogue leaders. But what was the Holy Spirit saying & who did He speak to? I want to hear.

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