Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mr Weaver

Kurto & I had a wonderful trip to Laurence yesterday. Happy early Valentines Day. It was bitterly cold and while we were walking down the street a man approached us and asked us if he could ask a few questions. He was from the Laurence local paper. Kurto said sure. Conversation as follows...
reporter: so are you an organ donnar?
Kurto: nope.
R: why not?
K: lazy?
R: have you ever thought about it?
K: yah, but the DMV has never asked me.
R: So would you consider it?
K: um I'm not really planning on dying.
R: (long pause)... that's um... a lofty goal. what is your occupation?
K: a missionary
Katchen: (trying not to seriously laugh at this point)
R: sir what is your name?
K: (trying to decide if he really wants to own up to these statements) um... Kurt.

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Ava's Mama said...

Katchen! I love your wonderfully interesting life!!! Your son is so darling, you are so creative and talented and your husband seems to be talented...and a total nut!