Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I am thinking ( and needing some time to really soak this in ) about Jesus. Kurto & I were talking about Jesus and how we want to be more like Jesus but in reality I don't think we do. I don't think I do. Of course I want to be like Jesus because I love him and love his word and He loves me and my heart cries out "Make me like you!" But when I really think about Jesus and who he was and what he said to people and how he acted in his environment and how he was treated my heart also says "Lord do I really want to be like Jesus?" Jesus wanted to be like the Father. So now also I need to ask do I want to be like the Father? Jesus was hated. Dispised. Misunderstood. Betrayed. He did things in secret. He wanted only to please the Father. He left family. He had no place to call home. He didn't care about his "ministry", reputation in the church, or about being noticed. Another thing this week someone said to me was that Jesus died on the cross and nobody really noticed. He did an amazing act of love and the people of his time missed it. His family missed it. His friends missed it (all but a few). His act of love transcends history and yet it really was done in the most humble manor that forever changed history. Do I really believe that my acts of love done in secret noticed by heaven alone can change history? Do I really believe that my prayer in my house while doing laundry can be heard and is as important than praying from stage at a stadium event? What do I really think about prayer and what do I really think about Jesus & what does He really think about me? Do I really want to be like him in my daily living out the Gospel? In my daily relationship with others? Does my heart really rejoice in the secrets between me and Him?


Katie said...

Katchen, beautifully put. Some very good thoughts for me to ponder too. ~K

The Seager Family said...


Found your blog via Karen Everson/Ricci, etc. How are you? Last I heard you were moving away, and preggo. Fill me in!

Megan (Allen) Seager