Sunday, March 30, 2008

Turner training

Today got me thinking. Once again Kurto was in Arkansas and I found myself doing a house project. Yes it involved painting (those $2 cans at Lowes always get me!) and tiling our bathroom floor. We have had it cement for the past week and needed to get it done before renters on Wed. So around 7pm I was out in my driveway using the tile saw when my neighbor walked by. She so kindly said "Wow Katchen you are the manliest woman I know & I mean that as the biggest compliment." Well that got me thinking do I want to be known as manly? Not exactly! I really do sew a bunch and am a florist you know! It's just that I love working with my hands, creating something new, and making things beautiful. I used to pray for the anointing of the Israelites that were in charge of the craftsmanship of the ark of the covenant. They were given Holy Spirit anointing in all their craftsmanship and artwork, sewing and engravings. So how do the power tools fit into this? It goes back to my childhood. Each summer I would go up to my grandparents house and to a magical island called Sinclair. My days were filled following around my papa, Ray Turner. He trained me in everything survival in Sinclair ways. (when you have a real outhouse it really is survival) I would be in charge of using the machine and pumping our well water, turning on the generator, filling up all his machines with oil and gas, and helping him do little projects here and there. I always loved doing these projects and working with his tools. I think to this day this is why I love the smell of cut grass or putting gas in my lawnmower. It reminds me of him. So here I am in Missouri and it is almost dark and I am looking at my finished tile project thinking about how I came to be this manly woman that I am proud to be. It is part who God made me to be, part Holy Spirit creativity, and part Turner training.

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Shealynn Benner said...

What a great compliment! If I wasn't so prone to hurting myself... I might be doing more of the things that you do... but, we are moving to Scottsdale, AZ soon, and buying a fixer upper house. I think and I pray I will get my chance. ;) God is good.