Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ricci's Kitchen Questions

* Do you feed your kids something different than you and hubby eat? Same time or different? Ans: I always give at least a little of what we are eating to Iz. He is complete vegetarian though so it is tough.
* How many nights a week do you cook? Ans: with Kurto gone on weekends this semester, about 4
* Do you follow a recipe exactly or improvise? Ans: Follow a what?
* Do you cook and then do dishes before you eat or do it all after? Ans: I try my best but I always end up doing them after.
* Does hubby or kids help in the kitchen? Ans: Kurto's mom trained him well. He is great at dishes. His dad trained him to cook breakfast. So with dinner help its just Izzy.
* How often do you try a new recipe? Ans: Maybe once a month?
* Do you try to use a sparing number of dishes to cook or say heck with it and dirty the whole kitchen? Ans: I use as many as I need. When I call my sis & she ask how I made such and such meal if I start talking about more than two pans she disregards the rest.
* Do you plan a menu or cook on the fly? Ans: I plan a menu
* How many nights is the TV on for dinner? Ans: None
* Do you grocery shop once a week or several times? Ans: I am working on this!!! No more $8 trips to Hyvee. What a waste of time and gas!
* Do you have more cookbooks than days in a week to use them? Ans: More baking cookbooks.
* Which wins, good tasting or good for you, if you had to chose? If I am making good tasting I make a salad so I feel better about the meal.
* Do you like to cook dinner or bake dessert better? Ans: Bake!
* How often do you cook breakfast for dinner in a month? Ans: None. Kurto cooks breakfast. Delicious hash browns & eggs!

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Ricci said...

Nice to have a hubby who cooks, too bad he's gone so much at night! 5pm at our house is melt down hour and I just watch the clock 'til Joe gets home. Kuddos to you for making it work, this too shall pass, right?!