Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Frog in the Bog

and two little fleas (dear me) and one tiny tick. This book is a must read any day and yesterday was no exception. What other book does one read when you have just pulled out a tick in your son's arm? Yes a tick! Disgusting! Kurto went to the river with Izzy and had man adventures and came back with a friend. Izzy was such a great sport. Sometimes he freaks out about the silliest things (like the ONE ant that was on the back porch yesterday) and doesn't flinch at getting a nasty tick plucked out of his arm.
Blogging has been quiet around here. I haven't had my camera and because I am about 99% visual and 1% literary I have found no excitement in blogworld. Doesn't anyone else like when they put even family photos in the middle of a serious literary work? I find myself saying "I can't blog because I have no pictures". Oh well. This week has been fun. We had the most incredible flashing and thundering night here last night. For and hour Kurto and I sat on the couch and looked out the window. Our street looked like a movie set with flash floods and whipping rain. The thunder was constant and the lightning was so fast you could not count. Can anyone fathom the throne room of God? Thunder and lightning around the throne? Who is this God of ours?


Shealynn Benner said...

Was wondering where you can gone. ;) How is your puffy eye? hope it's better! I too love thunder and lightning, and we have some pretty amazing storms here in NC too! 6 more weeks, and I won't get to experience them much, but I am soaking them up now. :) Angelina freaks about any tiny bug too.... unless it's a caterpillar or a ladybug or a butterfly. Most everything else she runs for the hills if she sees it. lol.

Ricci said...

Eeww! At least you were able to get the tick off easily. I feel ya with the pic thing, it's hard for me too, we love your words though so just go with it!