Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am feeling in a very puffy mood this morning. Perhaps it is my warm quilt on my lap while the flurries are outside. Perhaps it is my whip cream on my coffee - deluxe! Perhaps it is MY PUFFY BLACK EYE! Warning: liquid dishwasher soap IS hazardous to your eye! That's right folks. Now I know it is hard to make the connection to my eye and my dirty dishes but lets just say my charm and unclogging the top of the almost empty dishwasher soap bottle got me a mean piece of the soap in my eye. Fast forward 48hrs later and my "sti" (- I'm not even attempting to spell so laugh if you want) had sealed my eyeball shut. I had to go on two types of antibiotics and it looks as if Rocky and I have been training. Ever walked through Wall mart with a black puffy eye? I needed a tee shirt that said, "really it was dishwasher soap". At any rate the highlight was this morning Izzy came in my bedroom to cuddle and said "oh mommy your eye is still so puffy, let me pray for you." His tiny voice prayed the best prayer I have ever heard and his little fingers on my puffy eye on his own free will gesture were so special. For this I am thankful. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon. on a separate note I am starting another project. sigh... I have decided that I have many unfinished crafts that are perhaps not on my personal style for gifts or home at the moment but might be lovely for others or exactly what you have been looking for. I am going to be doing project "clean out my fabrics" making baby night nights etc. and selling them on ebay or etsy. I will post a few pics here as well. All proceeds will be going towards a new twin bed for my empty bedroom/office/craft mess/future kid room. Often we have to turn down renters (= $support money) because they might have a 7yr old and we don't have enough beds for them. This is probably a once a month theme and a twin bed is my solution. So I need to turn my clutter to cash to = a bed (with perhaps enough cash to make a quilt out of new fabric). So any buyers who are out there needing the perfect baby shower present, or just needing something made in Missoura be on the lookout.


Shealynn Benner said...

Baby jammies sound great!

In regards to the bed... have you checked free cycle in your area? I often see beds for free [at least in my area].

Sorry to hear about your black eye! And don't you love when little children say prayers? It is so precious!

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see a pic of your puffy eyeball. Come on sis!