Friday, April 11, 2008

Midwest Storm Update

For those of you enjoying 80' weather in CA this blog is for you. We have had some storms here the past few days but nothing major. Just a few flashes of lightning and some fun wind. Nothing Dorothy would be too proud of. We are thankful. It might even snow tomorrow which would not be good for my new flower seeds that are hopefully growing as I type. Today is not too much to blog about. Sammy today. Cleaning the floor. Dog is shedding. Yes very exciting indeed! Izzy and I hung a shelf. He is so into make believe. I am Wendy & he is Bob. He uses the tape measure and hands me all the right tools. "You need the level Wendy? Right away Wendy. Wendy we have a leak emergency in that tree. We need a hammer right away!" (anyone watch bob the builder lately maybe?) It is actually really fun to see his little mind create. He really is into stories so everything is "so I was doing this..." Also today the webstream has been my lifeline. Love teaching Izzy to pray while we are doing household stuff. He repeats after me and we sing. Today they were singing about forgiving others so we can be forgiven. "for if I say I love God but hate my brother the truth is not in me..." "did not David love Saul?"; "there is a reason why the way is narrow, there is a reason why very few find it..." Ahh I love God's Word. Singing the Scriptures has perhaps been the best way for my heart to grow in love with Him more. Oh what a day. I wonder what awaits after nap time.

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