Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kurto are you home yet?

I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning as my dishwasher had clean dishes. Usually when this happens this means that Kurto has done a midnight madness in cleaning. Nope. Just me around here. It's called "my son is crazy and it's 3am. Let's be productive." After getting only one hr of sleep after being in bed (and up about 15 times) it was already the middle of the night and I was so cranky. Around 3am as I was getting some tsp. measuring stick for the kid that was hacking and snotting and barfing up snot - (who will remain nameless), magnum was barking because he wanted out, cowboy was trying to snake my pillow territory, and my dear son was awake in my bed. Dishes it was. Why not save some joy for the morning after all I knew tomorrow (aka today) would be a long one. Little did I know that the boy would wake up at 6:15 an hr earlier than normal. I'll take a third shot in my latte please.

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