Sunday, June 01, 2008

As promised

Here are a few pics from the week. This week was very busy as Kurto was out of town, I watched Sammy 3 times, went to IHOP, the water park, gym, & a few Chipotles inbetween. I even managed to mow 1/2 the lawn. Doesn't look 1/2 bad either. Now I have baked some bananna bread so the house smells like the home it should to my husband that is coming home in an hr. I won't tell him about the mad dash to clean up while he was road trippen home. (& that bananna bread? well lets just say that it covers a multitude of sins, I mean smells). So anywho (annoyed sis?), here are some random shots of Weaverville. The temp is getting so hot that Izzy and I played in the hose for about an hr in the backyard. Oh the life in Missouri. Hopefully we will get some Thunderstorms this week to cool things off a bit.

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