Friday, August 08, 2008

Israel's birthday

Israel had such a great day today & a fun little party last night. I made a little banner and thinking I was so cute I wrote out "IZZY" but when I hung it up it ended up saying "happy birthday INNY" because the z went sideways. Kurto was sitting on the couch and was like um... "happy birthday inny?" Oh well. We did some sparklers, Izzy ate way too much sugar & we had fun. Today we went out for birthday hot chocolate and played candyland, chutes and ladders, colored & played basically everything Izzy. Kurto has just left town & it is starting to quiet down a bit. I am still learning so much about my little four year old. He has moments of being a loud and wild kid but this picture sums it up. He has a beautiful shy spirit that often just cannot handle attention and gets embarrassed. He likes to take part in everything, observe and be with others yet it pains him to really have the focus on him. In this picture he is listening to a message from Auntie Heidi singing happy birthday to him and it was just too much so he covered his ears. Funny kid! Israel Michael Weaver I love you. Stop growing so much! You are still my baby forever.

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Katie said...

Katchen - "Inny" is too funny! Such a cute mistake.

I love your assessment of Izzy's personality and his dislike of being the center of attention. I hear my Jon used to be that way... he would hide under the table when they sang happy birthday to him! :)