Thursday, August 07, 2008

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Self portrait

My big almost 4 year old

Israel's new rearanged wall

Birthday Cake

It seems a bit slow in blog world around here but make no mistake lots going on. Today is full of getting ready for Israel's 4th birthday party. The house is coming along, getting rid of stuff, cleaning out Israel's closet, emptying out the junk I mean baby's room & trying to stay out of the heat. Gramie sent this wonderful cake making project and I must say it was so fun to make. I suggest making it during nap time as little fingers and sticky hands tend to "help" a bit & make the process longer yet somehow more magical and fun. I am trying to enjoy Izzy's last day being 3! Kurto has the day off as he is out of town again tomorrow. Tomorrow 8/8/08 is Israel's real birthday but we are celebrating with a few friends tonight. And last a few self portrait shots of baby #2. Can't it be September 1st already? I am ready to sew some night nights either pink or blue!!! I am so thankful it is in the 80's today! Lots more to come. Lots of projects around here and some new books to read.


Ricci said...

You look good girlie! Sept. 1st huh, I'll be looking forward to it, a few weeks seems like an eternity, how do women wait 10mo.!! Happy Birthday Izzy!

Shealynn Benner said...

Isreal is a doll.
You look GREAT!!!
LOVE that cake too.

Christina said...

Happy Bday My Pal Izzy!

Ashley said...

You look great and the cake looks yummy!

Katie said...

You are SHOWING and so cute! :)