Saturday, November 08, 2008

39' outside

It's cold outside and I'm loving every minute. Kurto said it was about 80 yesterday in CA. Israel & I are finding stuff to do without daddy here (pack some more boxes), find an indoor place to get his wiggles out & figure out all things California. I'm getting a bit jealous of all the crafty blogs I'm reading about. All my craftiness is being packed up & I'm staring at blank walls. The only painting I've been doing is spackle paint repeat. Actually I did manage to paint my toes miracle of miracles and I think that will be the last time before I pop. I seriously gave Aubrey a squish. She'll understand when she's older I guess the importance of red toes when your feeling like you need a little pick me up. Works every time.

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Jocelynalice said...

First of all, I'm shocked that you're LOVING it being 39 degrees. Second, are you finding it hard to tie your shoes? I am! converse are come the boots that you just slip on. forget laces! plus, I'm really feeling sorry for your inablility to paint some walls. That must be hard... just think of the joy set before you... and all the walls you'll be able to paint in the future. :)