Thursday, November 06, 2008


Tonight I drop Kurto off at the airport. This is a miracle trip for him really. Our good friends are getting married and decided to fly him out to be in the wedding. This is perfect timing from the Lord as Kurto has some meetings set up and is on the job hunt. We are praying for wisdom as to when the move will take place. Pre or post Aubrey Lynn. Now that I am off bedrest my options have changed. Today in the prayer room the Lord was so kind in speaking through the worship. I am feeling the tear between two worlds right now. What the Holy Spirit was speaking was that we are not just done with our "prayer missionary" assignment. It does not end because we are leaving a ministry, location, or congregation. We are entering into stage 2. This is important for my heart to remember as I keep trying to understand the move home. It make sense in the ways of family & familiarity and our hearts for CA but specifically it makes sense in the destiny of the prayer movement. God cares about prayer in CA and desires houses of prayer locally. He cares about our home cities more than my heart ever could. More and more I am getting clarity about this move and purpose. At first I was comparing our move out here. I was spiritualizing it because we were moving here for ministry (ie. everything happening suddenly, miraculously, provision etc.). The same thing is occurring again for our move back home and I am slowly making the connection of the same spiritual journey we are once on again to begin a new season of learning and laboring in prayer.

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