Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well it's Saturday. That means I've been to Costco one more time. Each time I go I think "I'd better stock up because I probably won't be going next week..." that was three Costco trips back. Yesterday I made Israel run down every single aisle. He almost forgot how to use his legs lately other than to go upstairs to get a train and come back down to do a puzzle. The weather is so so cold. We have snow even. I think my heart longs for our CA move even more these days. On my mind have been many things lately but I have been challenged by a few moms out here to do a missions statement for the year for taking on the assignment of motherhood. I am trying to pray this through and understand my specific calling as I come into being a mother of two little ones with two separate destinies, needs, and hearts. This will be soon posted if I can muster up the courage to write it all out or if Aubrey decides once again she preferes my belly as compared to MO weather.


Arden said...

Hey Katchen! Still praying for your delivery! :-) I know you MUST be REALLY ready! Blessings in Jesus, Arden

The Weaver Family said...

Thanks Arden. I need those prayers! I am REALLY ready but she just is so happy I suppose. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on the big day.