Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Loving on Grammy.
(Israel talking to his grammy. Cowboy sitting on top of her suitcase.)
"I guess Cowboy doesn't want you to leave either..."

We are so thankful around here for many things. I won't go into all the details but lets just say this past month has included a few small changes around here. Had a baby. Check. Got rid of the dog. Check. Found renters for our home. Check. Packing all of our stuff in one week & moving to CA before baby is one month old. Check in progress. We are so thankful. It is just like our God to arrange all the details in a better puzzle than we can imagine. I hate that I feel like shaking the puzzle box at times or throwing out some of the pieces. Why can't my heart just let them come as His timing allows, knowing that in the end His timing and ways are above mine and far exceed my expectations? Well all that said it really hasn't been too unusual around here. My days have been busy feeding a hungry little pretty one who gained one pound and three ounces in ONE week. Her chin chub is just fine with me. Kurt's mom left yesterday. I am trying to remember the songs and games she made up with Israel. Israel loves his Grammy so much. We had such a wonderful visit filled with laughing, trains, games, good long talks, and of course all things coffee and carmel brownies.


Jocelynalice said...

you guys amaze me. you are definatly ambitious with all these amazing life changes your couragously taking on. go weavers go! these pics are so sweet. she's a doll. your familia is growing! :)

Richard said...

I am upset because this makes it look like you are still here and you aren't. I miss you! Love you!