Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have 20 minutes to be ready for my great grandmothers tea. I have to stop at the store to get fruit. I need to get out of my pajamas. Pack a diaper bag. Feed a five year old. Decide if my hair needs washing (pool hair again). Finish my cup of coffee. Finish the last few chapters of this. It started last night and I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Don't laugh at me. My daughter is sleeping still & I just couldn't resist. You won't be able to either.


Katie said...

I've read the PW love story, too! I had to limit myself to 2 or 3 installments at a time or else I'd never stop. :)

Now I enjoy visiting her site a few times a week--even tried a recipe of hers this week.

I love your picture of life as a mom. ;)

Vanessa said...

EEEE!!! Oh my goodness you found Pioneer Woman too??!!!!!
I just think she is SO cute! I love reading her blog and I LOVE her recipes. I've made a few of them already and I have plans to make more!