Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Motherhood part one

Remember when Izzy painted the fence? Well in honor of his artistic talent I have decided to post about the other night. Izzy currently goes to sleep in our bed because little princess goes to sleep in his room at the same time & cries for a few minutes etc. etc. We then move him in about an hour later or so. Anyways the other night I had told Israel to go upstairs and hop into my bed. About an hour later I came up to check on Aubrey. I also decided to check in on Israel. It was so quiet I was SURE he was sleeping but no...
He was standing on top of my bathroom sink, water full on, using my TOOTHBRUSH, "painting" the mirror. Big huge back and forth motions. Full scale drama painting the mirror with MY toothbrush!
I had to back out of the room. Control my laughter & then come back into the room in full parent mode. Ahh the joys of motherhood.

Another "joy" this week was that Israel often tries to make his sister laugh. He loves her attention & reactions (a sigh of love and some tears. they love each other). However (a sigh of what the heck do I do with this child, help me Jesus) Israel has this one noise that drives me crazy. Aubrey seems indifferent and Izzy does it just to make me crazy. The other day he was doing it over and over. I calmly asked him to stop. (i was on the phone and couldn't hear). He kept at it getting louder and louder. After dealing with the situation (and getting off the phone) Israel & I were talking about what had happened to which he replied "mom am I pushing all your buttons?"

Ok so this post might seem humorous. Not too naughty of behavior but a son who disobeys in the little at five will surely disobey a lot at 15. I have been asking the Lord to guide me in all areas of motherhood lately. Pleading is more like it. My single aspiration right now is to teach my children the fear of the Lord. To me this is the best gift that i could give to them for their entire lives. My Tue morning mom's bible study was so incredible this week. I will share more on this in my next post. Until then be encouraged moms. Training up a child is a difficult task but it is a task worthy of doing with joy. The Lord grants us training in this as well. Meekness comes through motherhood I am sure of it.


Danielle said...

I can't wait for part 2!

Jocelynalice said...

i really really really like the story about izzy painting the mirror. that's too much much!!! (i love it) but your poor tooth brush.... :)

you know, Ikea has this really cool paint...it's like chalk board paint where you can use chalk on it and it'll then erase too. at least i think ikea still has it...anyway he might like that...

you think maybe he inherited your love and joy to paint walls?