Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Martha has invited you for dinner

Check this out! So delicious. I used half reg flour and half whole wheat flour because that's what I had. It was awesome. So if you want to make it really special you do the following...
- use sat nights leftover pasta sauce for the base (my sauce had some chicken in it which made this even better
- top with mozzarella
- sun dried tomatoes for flair
- fresh tomatoes to make you feel healthy
- a sliced zucchini because it's green & pretty
- feta cheese & Parmesan cheese just because we love cheese
- fresh basil from my mom's house
(if you don't have a pizza stone don't worry. Cook on a cookie sheet for half the time then slide it off for the last half or once the pizza is sturdy enough to not fall through the cracks. This did the trick for me)
This turned out so much better than any pizza you have ever had! Martha would be so proud. Wait she is. It's her recipe.

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