Sunday, August 23, 2009

Running Circles

Yesterday felt like I hit the 24 hour mark even before the clock struck 10am. My mom later told me that if I stopped blogging perhaps my days might not be so chaotic. She thinks the Lord likes to give me funny things to blog about. On that note, let me share my morning with you.

My morning actually started on Thur when I took Israel to the doc to get all his kindergarten paperwork done. He got a "tv" test in his arm. Note to all parents. Do not EVER get a tb test on a Thursday at your pediatrician. This means that you will have to go to a clinic on a Saturday to get it read. So yesterday morning I was off to kids doc at Mission Hospital. My doctor told me they open at 8am. I was in the car by 7:40 wanting to be the first one in because I needed to get home to get ready for my cousins bridal shower. I called on my way to find out where the building was. I heard a nice little recording where the lady said "not open til 10am sucker". Not wanting to go back home for an hour I called my sisterinlaw to see if she could do my hair for the shower. (she is a professional hair stylist and rocks at the straight iron for my fro hair!). That way I wouldn't waste time, I could pick up some stuff I'd left there last time, Israel could play & I could have magic straight hair. Nice. So off I went. After I got my hair done I decided that my one pair of running shoes or my one pair of aqua heels were not second options for the shower next to my first option of wearing my rainbows. I decided to make one quick stop at Kohls. Out of the car and I hear Israel say "mom I left my shoes at aunt jamies." At this point Aunt Jamies is 20 min away. Can you guess who was going to get new kindergarten shoes? So into the store we go but it is starting to rain... on my hair... that took an hour to get straight... I'm running barefoot Izzy into the store and I put him into the cart and he hurts his foot because he has not shoe. I am pushing a cart with a hungry baby and a crying dirty barefoot son. This is where my mom superhero powers come in. I start feeding the baby a bottle and shoving smarties in Israel's pocket as fast as I can. I am a mad woman in Kohls and find the perfect shoes for me. Black strappy ones for 13 bucks regular 59. My day is getting better. Except now I have to find Israel shoes because I have to take him to the doctor and he has to wear shoes. Note to all parents again - do not buy kids shoes the week before school at Kohls. They were not on sale. My bargain shoes were now costing me 43 dollars! I was trying to think how to rationale this in my budget. I had some items in my trunk that I hadn't unpacked from costco. snackie stuff. Who needs snackie stuff anyways? So I went next store to costco to return. Then I would simply put the cash into the bank and it would even out my expensive trip to kohls. I get in line, return the items and they hand me a store credit! WHAT??? I have never been given a store credit at costco. Never! Always cash! I ask the man why and he says that it is this stores policy. I tell him I like Missouri costco better. He smiles and hands me my store credit. I guess next week I will rebuy my snackie stuff. I hate Israel's shoes all the more and my hair that is now under a hood and frizzy. Off to the doctors at Mission Hospital, which is under construction. I drive around some offices and can't find it. I drive up the street and see the building. It has caution tape all the way around it and they are repaving. I see a nice family with kids walking up the hill towards a very far away parking lot. I talk to the nice family. They tell me they have just been to kids doc. I park next to the nice family. I walk down the sidewalk in the nice rain, to the crosswalk, down about two blocks where I meet the nice man doing construction. He tells me I can't enter the sidewalk path that leads to kids doc. He tells me I have to get in my car and drive to the emergency hospital entrance where I can then park, then walk, then take a shuttle. At this point I tell the nice man that i am going to have a nice nervous breakdown. I ask why that family walked through and he said because it was five minutes ago and they were not paving. He then tells me to have a nice day. I proceed to tell him about the shoes as I am walking away with my baby and five year old up the hill in the rain. In the car I tell Israel about asking God for forgiveness about yelling at people and that even mommies have a hard time sometimes with their tempers. Nice. After a shuttle ride we finally get to the doctors where I have to sign in and fill out paperwork and wait 15 minutes. Finally when it is my turn for this stupid tb test a nice nurse ask me this "Mrs Weaver do you have Izzy's vaccination record so I can record his result?" um... nope. A long pause on all parts. I tell her about the shoes, costco, my hair. She then goes in the back and after another 10 minutes tells me she has faxed my results to Israel's pediatrician and hands me an illegal copy thanks to the shoes.


Jocelynalice said...

poor poor Katchey.. :(

Ricci said...

oh Katch~ what a day! I am so sorry. Try to keep the big picture in mind, God can use everything for his purpose, even our worst day can be used for His glory. (Not so sure how He will use the frizz but whatever, God knows(wink!))

Ashley said...

Oh dear! So sorry. I hate days like that. At least you had some moments of grace along the way, esp. the helpful nurse at the end. :)